Zandvoort child pornography case: the role of the Belgian King

The High Council of Justice last year found out that 7 CD-ROMs containing child pornography from the Zandvoort-case had been vanished.

In 1998 our association gave a copy of these CD-ROMs to the Belgian King. The King was given them to the Belgian Minister of Justice. And the Belgian Minister of Justice was given them for "research" to the president of the Court of Justice.

I wrote to the King, justice ministers, parliamentarians and media about this case.

The former Justice Minister told me that there was 'some investigation'.
The royal palace let me know after 6 months that they had 'received my letter'. But that is all.

I receive no reply on my letters to the current justice minister.

Marcel Vervloesem who revealed the Zandvoort case, is slowly dying in prison.

Jan Boeykens
President of the Morkhoven Group

Following is a list of more than 20 emergency room trips and surgical operations endured by Marcel Vervloesem, of which Belgian minister of justice and his cabinet members were informed more than 40 times.
These prominent officials advocates publicly for a "humane and equitable" justice, and states at the same time that a prisoner 'can be released from jail only 3 days before his expected death'.


1- malignant cancer : treated at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 2 times
2- kidneys : at St Elisabeth Hospital, Herentals : 5 times
3- pancreas : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 2 times, University IA, Anvers : 1 time
4- emergency in intensive care for pancreatite : 2 times
5- emergency in intensive care for pancreatite : University IA, Anvers : 1 time
6- intensive care : Fabiola Hospital, Sambreville and St. Elisabeth Hospital, Herrentals : 11 times
7- kidneys : Gasthuisberg, Louvain : 2 times
8- heart surgery for cardiac dysfunctioning : at AZ Imelda, Bonheiden : 3 times
9- diabetes intensive care : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 4 times
10- kidneys : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 1 time
11- heart surgery : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
12- kidney dialysis : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 1 time
13- internal hemorrhage : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
14- surgery : at St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
15- surgery for placing dialysis drains : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
16- intensive care in cardiology : at St. Elisabeth Hospital, Turnhout : 1 time
17- emergency room intensive care for anemia (leukemia) : St. Elisabeth Hospital, Turnhout : 1 time
18- emergency room intensive care : St. Elisabeth Hospital, Herrentals : 1 time
19- heart surgery : AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
20- on May 14th 2009, for heart problems caused by among other reasons lack of medications and insufficent treatments, Mr Vervloesem was to be admitted in emergency to the AZ St. Jan Hospital, Bruges, but the prison director, using a psycho-social service's report denied it.

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Zandvoort case 

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Brussels, january 11 2010
Yesterday I have once again written an e-mail to all the Belgian and European rerpresentatives to inform them of the fact that one of the members of our association had for the fourth time nearly gone into coma because his blood sugar level, which has been uncontrolable ever since the last time they locked him up in the isolation-cell, suddenly dropped to 50 yesterday morning.
Marcel Vervloesem's most recent stay in the isolation-cel was the result of his protests against the decision of Erwin Boosten of the prison's case-management office who had invited Mr. Vervloesem to his desk only to inform him of the fact that 'there was no longer any chance that he would be released on Parole' and that 'he would personally make sure that restrictions would be imposed on the number of letters and visits Mr. Vervloesem had the right to recieve'. This decision has been supported by the Directorate General of the Department of Penitenciary Institutions in Brussels and has tacitly been approved by the minister of Justice De Clerck.
Mr. Erwin Boosten took this decision in a reaction to Morkhoven's prior criticism of the case managers of the prisons of Turnhout and Brugge because of the way in which they endlessly kept tampering with the case of Marcel Vervloesem, and because of the fact that they even committed legal offences while doing so. In fact, the case managers of Marcel Verloesem had not only hidden several medical documents regarding Mr. Vervloesem from their report to the court for the implementation of criminal punishments, but in this report they had allso falsified several facts from the sentence which had been pronounced by the criminal court in the case against Mr. Vervloesem.
Therefore, they crushed Marcel Vervloesem's attempts to protest against this situation by locking him up for a period of 7 days in an unaired isolation-cell, thus raising the total number of days he has spent in isolation to 50.
As usually, the letters which we wrote to the minister of Justice Stefaan De Clerck, who claims that the legal system in this country is 'human and righteous', didn't have the slightest effect.
The state of Marcel Vervloesem's health is deteriorating every day. He was allready very badly ill before his incarceration, and since the time that he has been locked up  in prison, i.e. over these last 18 months, he has been through 5 emergency hospitalisations and -operations, during which he has been kept tied for 591 hours to the operating-table, to his hospital-bed and to his wheel chair etc.by means of an iron chain.
It seems clear from the statements that the authorities have been making -saying that they can't release Mr. Vervloesem on the ground of medical reasons 'because there is a risk of his resuming his former activities as a anti-childporn-activist and of his contacting the press', that they must be determined to let him die in prison, as if he were a real political prisoner in some sort of totalitarian country.
The fact that minister De Clerk doesn't even respond to the letters that the lawyer of Marcel Vervloesem, Raf Jespers, has been writing to him, in which he is demanding the immediate release of his client on the ground of medical reasons, clearly proves that the minister himself has personally approved the decision to let all this happen.
According to the verdict from the court for the implementation of criminal punishments, the Minister is the only person who has the right to decide whether a prisoner is intitled to a release on the ground of medical reasons.
There had been allready things that happened in the past which indicated that the Minister himself is personally involved in this case.
He never ordered an investigation into the cover-up of the scandal of the Zandvoort childporn-ring for example (the nearly 90.000 children who were abused in that scandal have still not been identified and there has never been a serious search for the childporn-producers and child-molesters involved in that ring), as he allso never reacted to the conclusion which the Belgian Supreme Court drew in 2008 stating that evidence for Mr.Vervloesem's innocence had dissapeared from the Court of Turnhout. Likewise, the Minister did never command an investigation into the disappearance of 7 child-porn-CD's from the Zandvoort-file in the Antwerp court of Justice, neighter did he ever command an investigation into the fact that the more than 30 police-reports about the sexual offences against children that have been committed by the person who has filed most of the complaints against Mr. Vervloesem, have all been covered-up. In addition to that, the Minister has been obstructing the application of Article 72 and subsequent Articles of the law on the release of prisoners on the ground of medical reasons, and he has  never opposed the case managers' misconduct with regard to Marcel Vervloesem nor any of the acts of torture or any of the arbitrary sanctions that he has been submitted to, and the Minister continues to allow the theft and confiscation of letters to and from Mr. Vervloesem. Finally, the Minister stated in his letter from March 5 2009 to Mr. Vervloesem that he had 'ordered the Supreme Court to carry out an investigation into the conditions of his detention', but here again we never saw that happening either.
The Minister is very well informed about all the details concerning the case of Mr. Vervloesem, because of all the registered letters, the e-mails and telephone-calls he has received from us about it. It even appears that he keeps a small file of all the articles that the Werkgroep Morkhoven has been publishing on the Internet.
But Minister De Clerck does simply not care about the life of a prisoner, he prefers to let Mr. Verloesem die in prison in stead of commanding an investigation into the criminal actions of the  judges who are involved in the covering-up of the Zandvoort child-porn case and in the slandering against Marcel Vervloesem that has allready been going on for so many years now.
Today we will allso send a copy of this newsletter to Minister De Clerck and to all the officers of his cabinet. For allmost one year now we have been busy keeping all of them informed about this case, without any of them doing anything whatsoever at all to put an end to this scandal.
I have only just made a telephone-call to Els Baart, a member of the cabinet of the Minister, to inform her of the fact that at about 5 o'clock this morning  Marcel Verloesem had for the fourth time allmost gone into a coma, but she coldly replied to me that 'they didn't speak on the telephone'.
She told me that I 'have to contact her by mail', but in fact she nevers responds to the letters that our non-profit organisation Werkgroep Morkhoven is sending her, we simply don't ever recieve any reaction at all from her.
If one of these days Marcel Vervloesem should go into coma and die as a result of that, this woman as well as Minister De Clerck will be reponsable for it.
Jan Boeykens
President of the non-profit organisation Werkgroep Morkhoven.
We have sent to Minister De Clerck more than 40 times over a complete review of the more than 20 emergency-hospitalisations and -operations that this activist of ours, Marcel Vervoesem, has gone through. Yesterday we have allso sent a copy of this list to the nearly 200 Belgian and European members of Parliament, together with yet another letter to inform them about the situation, for we want them all to know what is going on.
The Werkgroep Morkhoven has only once ever recieved a response from Minister De Clerck which had been personally signed by him. In this letter he referred to Els Baart, the officer of his cabinet who is in charge of the Vervloesem-case.
In his letter from April 30 2009, the Minister replied to us as follows:
-'Concerning the subject of Mr. Vervloesem's case managers, I must say that to me there seems to be no objective reason why I should personally take any action in this matter, as a sufficient number of interviews is taking place between Mr. Vervloesem and his case managers.'
-'The medical aspects of this case have been examined by the Health Care Service'.
-'The questions regarding the modalities of Mr. Vervloesem's criminal punishment have been examined'.
-'Mr. Vervloesem's lawyer has allso been allready previously informed about these matters'.


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