Marcel Vervloesem: Letter to Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe



To the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

Dear Mr. Thomas Hammarberg,

Seen your visit to Belgium, of which I'm very happy, even being a dutch painter living in Italy, I would ask your attention to a very serious situation.

Marcel Vervloesem who found in 1998 the 21 pedopornographic cd-roms with 100.000 files on it, and started the dangerous fight against the international criminal pedopornographic network (Madeira, Temse), has been condanned to 4 years of prison, unless the sentence dossier in the hands of Belgian Justice was incomplete because of the 'vanished' documents and 7 cd-roms that were inside and that proved his innocence.

Minister of Justice, Jo Vandeurzen, says the belgian prisons are 'too full' of people.

Other people as Mr. Debie who also got 4 years of prison, left prison after only one day and is at home with an electronic ankleband.

Marcel Vervoesem is very ill (2 heart operations to do, very diabethic, a heavy kidney-complaint, cancer and other) 'lives' between prison and hospital, is constantly footcuffed or handcuffed, also during an operation.
Why couldn't he been treated the same way as Debie and many others?
He's in the prison of Brugge now, where he's been even blackmailed by a female director who tried to make him confess his guilt, what he did not accept, so he was punished by depriving him from some rights he has as human being and as prisoner, as described in the belgian Law Borginon of 2004!
Between other things, she deprived him from the yet established permission to assist to the baptism of the baby ofhis own daughter.
The director also said his case was too sensible to talk about to the press. Also his daughter would experience negative effects of his not-confessing 'his crimes'. And she made other serious threats.

Who said her to do so?

After the hell in Brugge then another hell in Turnhout and then after this, again in Brugge he was psychologically and physically completely destructed. That's a whole story to tell in a small letter.
Than he asked euthanasia about what the female director grew vèry angry.
Nevertheless and fortunately he found back the strength to continue fighting again to survive. 
The point that gives him again and again the strength to go further is the thought of all the photographs in the Zandvoort file in which babies and children are foltered sometimes till death and raped and so on.

From the belgian press and the majority of the belgian (and international) politicians, if they spend a word on him, they make of him simply a paedophile who tries to escape from prison by blackmail through his hungerstrikes in the passed months.
He striked risking his life in his condition.
He hungerstriked because he is systematicaly not taken serious; for asking for the reopening of the Zandvoort dossiers that were closed after only a year of 'research' on it; and most of all to give a voice to all the 90.000 children and babies dead and alive and still vanished he discovered in the Zandvoort cd-roms.
The belgian state rushes up the whole pedoporno network question as it silences or enclose the people who know too much about it.
This means in some way helping criminal organisation.

Also Janett Seemann is treated in some way like him. She wrote the video-letters, that are still on Youtube and on some other websites, on the same argument.
There are mighty public people indentificated in the cd-roms, who try to bring these persons into silence in any possible way. Janett Seemann vanished after her video-letters to the Bundeskanzlerin and to the Pope. Her website was closed at once: http://www.janettseemann.info/
Mr. Jo Vandeurzen, Minister of Justice, who you'll encounter the coming days is not helping Marcel for his rights as person or as prisoner (euphemisme). He even denied to Mrs. Zoë of the European Parlament, the vanishing of 7 cd-roms and of parts of Marcel's dossier, a vanishing that the Supreme Court put in writing.

Of course I do understand you'll have really too much to do, but could you, please, take a short visit to Marcel Vervloesem in the prison of Brugge/Bruges?
This for his very situation and for all the other people that are in a similar situation of injustice.

Brugge has been compared with Guantanamo for the treatment that is given in the cells in the lowest part of that prison.
Jo Vandeurzen would construct more of those cells...
The VN Comité critisized belgian prisons of 'delicat' foltering its prisoners.

Again, I please you to pay attention to this situation. I have a high opinion of your quality as a personand I'm sure you understand there are going wrong too many things.
Marcel Vervloesem can't die in prison for having worked 10 years intensively for the children's rights and future survival.
He can't die in prison as a single person who, with his small Werkgroep Morkhoven, without any help of the Belgian State, (another euphemisme!) fighted against the dangerous, strong, mighty, rich, criminal international organisation of pedopornography.

The adress of Marcel Vervloesem is:
Gevangenis Brugge
t.a.v. Marcel Vervloesem - Medisch Centrum - Kamer 6.104
Legeweg 200
8200 Sint-Andries - Brugge (België-Belgique)
Tel: 050 45 71 11 - Fax: 050 45 71 89
Europe: Tel: 0032 50 45 71 11 - Fax: 0032 50 45 71 89

For more information you could write me or to the president or vice-presidente of the Werkgroep Morkhoven who know any detail:

Jan Boeykens - Prinsess de Croÿ
Werkgroep Morkhoven vzw-asbl
Faiderstraat 10
1060 Sint-Gillis
nr. 443.439.55
Tel: 0032 (0)2 537 49 97
WerkgroepMorkhoven@gmail.com, postmaster@droitfondamental.eu, issakaba@skynet.be


I thank you very much for your gently and serious attention,

Yours truly,

Claudia Carolina Vink

Werkgroep Morkhoven vzw-asbl
Faiderstraat 10
1060 Sint-Gillis
nr. 443.439.55
Tel: 0032 (0)2 537 49 97
WerkgroepMorkhoven@gmail.com, postmaster@droitfondamental.eu, issakaba@skynet.be


Photos: Marcel Vervloesem fight pedocriminal networks - Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe, Commissioner 'for Human Rights'


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