Free Marcel Vervloesem!

Marcel Vervloesem

He discovered the child porn network Zandvoort. He was prosecuted and imprisoned. He is very sick now but the belgian minister of justice will not liberate him. 

We fight every day for his liberation:



Following is a list of more than 20 emergency room trips and surgical operations endured by Marcel Vervloesem, of which Belgian minister of justice and his cabinet members were informed more than 40 times.
These prominent officials advocates publicly for a "humane and equitable" justice, and states at the same time that a prisoner 'can be released from jail only 3 days before his expected death'.

1- malignant cancer : treated at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 2 times
2- kidneys : at St Elisabeth Hospital, Herentals : 5 times
3- pancreas : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 2 times, University IA, Anvers : 1 time
4- emergency in intensive care for pancreatite : 2 times
5- emergency in intensive care for pancreatite : University IA, Anvers : 1 time
6- intensive care : Fabiola Hospital, Sambreville and St. Elisabeth Hospital, Herrentals : 11 times
7- kidneys : Gasthuisberg, Louvain : 2 times
8- heart surgery for cardiac dysfunctioning : at AZ Imelda, Bonheiden : 3 times
9- diabetes intensive care : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 4 times
10- kidneys : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 1 time
11- heart surgery : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
12- kidney dialysis : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 1 time
13- internal hemorrhage : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
14- surgery : at St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
15- surgery for placing dialysis drains : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
16- intensive care in cardiology : at St. Elisabeth Hospital, Turnhout : 1 time
17- emergency room intensive care for anemia (leukemia) : St. Elisabeth Hospital, Turnhout : 1 time
18- emergency room intensive care : St. Elisabeth Hospital, Herrentals : 1 time
19- heart surgery : AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
20- on May 14th 2009, for heart problems caused by among other reasons lack of medications and insufficent treatments, Mr Vervloesem was to be admitted in emergency to the AZ St. Jan Hospital, Bruges, but the prison director, using a psycho-social service's report denied it.

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Dutroux case 
Zandvoort case 


Victims of an International Criminal Pedopornographic Network: Janett Seemann, Marcel Vervloesem,



Janett Seemann, after putting on Youtube her two very clear video-letters about the Criminal International Pedopornographic Network (Zandvoort network), is vanished.

- http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=janett+seemann&search_type=&aq=f
- http://www.united-mutations.org/?p=14278 (here you can read the text of the video-letters.)

Her website is closed: http://www.janettseemann.info

Here one of the many notes about her vanishing:


In 1998, activist Marcel Vervloesem has been able to come in the possession of 21 cd-roms with 100.000 photos and video's which kids. Adults were abusing and torturing them. The children (and babies) were never identified by justice.
Marcel Vervloesem was also working about the Madeira-case. You'll know more about it than I do.
Powerfull people who had something to hide about their place in the Pornopedo Criminal International Network, changed the situation upside.down, organising accuses to Marcel Vervloesem, proved to be false.
The cd's vanished.
Marcel who is very ill since years (diabethes, serious hart problems, cancer,) is in prison in Brugge now after many risks of life in the prison of Turnhout because of the not-treatment of his total illness and his isolation from the outer world.
In Brugge there are new problems. His rights as prisoner and human being are almost zero. The Rights of the prisoner written in the law of Borginon in 2004 are not practised. Not even the laws of the prison itself. As punishment for the fact that he doesn't admit the false accusations, director Els De Loof of the prison of Brugge (possibly supported by Jo Vandeurzen, Minister of Justice of Belgium), don't allow him to have the same rights of any other prisoner and human being in our 'civilised' Europe. He is at his end of physical and emotional state and has asked euthanasy now.
Many cd's of Zandvoort and the file that proved the innocence of Marcel Vervloesen are vanished.

I pray you to take contact with the Director Els de Loof and take action as fast as possible.
I pray you to intervene in this unacceptable situation to protect Marcel Vervloesem and give him back his rights, of which too many are violated.

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I thank you very much for your attention,
hoping for a reaction,

Claudia Carolina Vink