Human Rights Practices in Europe

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In Belgium and in France governments come and go, criminals remain : the officials who covered the pedophiles'networks and tried to eliminate Mr Vervloesem and Mrs Poupard for having revealed the scope of the horrors inflicted on many children are still in office, even though they strived to have those brave persons die of "natural" death in jail or be mentally destroyed by "treatments" when forced into psychiatric ward.

Such incredible misdeeds allow to think that those countries were never truly denazified :
if they had been, those with a psychopath's personality, that is to say who are a threat to society because they are unable to distinguish right from wrong as a consequence of the negative experiences they suffered in their childhood that destroyed their moral sense, those individuals would have been barred from public service positions.

Mr Vervloesem, Mrs Poupard and other activists who try to protect children by denouncing those who massacrate them held their ground all along those black years in the history of Belgium and of France while lies, disinformations, public deceit, fabricated testimonies, falsified experts' reports and other corruptions were committed by a number of officials while their colleagues found that they best they could do was to do nothing, as passively fearful as the people of those countries, thus allowing more shame to be added to the national decay of public institutions.

But, see, in international law Belgium and France keep their sovereignty for their decisions even when they are blatantly criminal, i.e. could not be more alien from justice, law, or even plain common sense. Therefore Mr Vervloesem can continue to suffer until he succombs, the illnesses he suffers from were caused in large part by the hurt he had to experience personally as a consequence of his brave undertakings, seldom different illnesses occur in the same person : one suffers from cancer, or heart failures, or diabetes. All this in him shows how hard were on him the repeated shocks he had to take while as he progressed in his actions he realized by their responses that those in office in the Belgian government strived to cover horrors committed on children and thus allowed the massacre to continue rather than end it as they had the power and duty to do so.

Therefore, in the same way, when in Nazi Europe extermination camps appeared in the scenery the US and the British should not have intervened if they had wanted to conform to international law : as if the Nazi state had the right to develop atrocities to the extreme without external interference as that was state matters. In other words, once they are in power those psychopathic personalities have the right by international law to give free rein to their worst drives no matter what, no limit should be requested from the outside to not infringe on a state's competency.

Now pedophiles and sadists of all kinds, take notice : Belgium and France are still countries where you can come and be provided with children on whom to satisfy your worst vices, it is just a matter of having the money to pay for the "services" rendered.
And the European Congress keeps its seat in Brussels, the representatives do not seem to mind too much the stink from the many raped, tortured, killed children's corpses, even though this has been going on for several decades now. One becomes used to anything ?
What mostly matters is to keep on with the pretense and carry on acting as if one was useful out of mere self-respect.

Conclusion : the bravest people like Mr Vervloesem and Mrs Poupard can be illegally sentenced to death even with the European Congress next door. Too bad fot the Nazis, in our times they would have found very little opposition to their endeavors.

Filip Marceron

U.S. Department of State

Belgium Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1997

In January 1998, the American government submits a report on the Belgian situation of children's  rights who establishes that the country is both a transit point and destination for trafficking of children, who also recognises the prostitution of children. This joins the opinion of Marc Verwilghen, former president of the Dutroux commission, ex-minister of the justice and who writes on 15/10/1996  to the president of Werkgroep Morkhoven: "the events of these last weeks do not leave any doubt of the reality of the pedo- pornographic and the prostitution of children in Belgium."

The document already foresees that the Dutroux lawsuit will not start before second half of 1998. Yet, it will only begin on the second quarter 2004, according to Marc Dutroux: due to the fact that he was just childen's provider for a certain elite of politicians, judges and police officers.


Belgium has comprehensive child protection laws, which the Government seeks to enforce. The Francophone and Flemish communities have agencies dealing with children's needs. Government and private groups provide shelters for runaways and counseling for children who have been physically or sexually abused. The Government provides compulsory education up to the age of 18.

In 1995 the Government enacted laws designed to combat child pornography by increasing penalties for such crimes and for those in possession of pedophilic materials. The law permits prosecution of Belgians who commit such crimes abroad. Another 1995 law provides that criminals convicted of the sexual abuse of children cannot receive parole without first receiving specialized assistance and must continue counseling and treatment upon their release from prison.

Belgium is both a transit point and destination for trafficking in women and children. In the first half of 1997, 120 children from 37 different countries were trafficked in the country, the largest number from Romania (21).

In 1996 the authorities uncovered a pedophile/child pornography and trafficking ring. The criminal investigation of this ring continued through 1997. Five suspects remained in detention; however, their trial was unlikely to begin before mid-1998.

A parliamentary commission continued to investigate allegations of corruption and complicity in the law enforcement and judicial system. By December no judicial or police officers had been imprisoned or sanctioned for collusion related to the pedophile case.

In response to the public outcry over the handling of the pedophile case, the Government established a center for missing and exploited children. The Prime Minister appointed the center's president and board of directors in May, and the center opened in December.

Children have the right to a voice in court cases that affect them, such as divorce proceedings. The law states that a minor "capable of understanding" can request permission to be heard by a judge, or a judge can request an interview with a child.

Child prostitution is of limited scope, but, in response to recommendations made in a 1994 government study, police have received instructions to be especially diligent in combating prostitution among those who appear to be under the age of 18.

There is no societal pattern of abuse directed against children.

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Interview Marcel Vervloesem:
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- http://video.google.fr/videoplay?docid=7841199076199452674&hl=fr
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- http://groups.msn.com/WerkgroepMorkhoven
- http://werkgroep-morkhoven.skynetblogs.be/
- http://www.droitfondamental.eu/


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