Fight Childporn - Case Zandvoort - European Parliament: problems with Facebook


Jan Boeykens My facebookwall and the facebookwall of 'Droit Fondamental' are blocked.

I think that the Zandvoort childporncase and our invitation by the European Parliament some days ago, are making some people nervous. 

Yesterday, Marcel Vervloesem who revealed the Zandvoort case and than was false accused, was suddenly invited by a member of the direction and Erwin B., a member of the psycho-social service (Justice), of the prison of Turnhout.

Three weeks ago, Marcel sent a registered letter to the Belgian Minister of Justice about the criminal practices of these people. He is still waiting the response from the minister... 

(Copy of this message is published on our websites and blogs) 



Jan Boeykens 
 I thank the people who blocked my wall, for their fast understanding.
I give them a good advice. 
Start a serious investigation to the child pornography case Zandvoort and find out who is responsible for the disappearance of the childporn-CD-ROMs of the King which disappeared on the court of Antwerp.
That's better than loose all your time and energy in covering up these cases.
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Jan Boeykens My facebook wall is blocked.


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Jan posted a link to Droit Fondamental's Wall.
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