Childporn case Zandvoort: censured


On http://www.facebook.com/amesleh?v=wall&story_fbid=1333371108080&ref=mf (Ahmad Abed Mesleh)

'We are working during 10 years about networks of childporn and we have the same experience. Messages disappeared, blogs were removed from the Internet and during the last three days the authorities obliged us 2 times to remove some names from our articles. Our spokesman Marcel Vervloesem who has been locked up in prison, was isolated and tortured. They use him as a hostage to silence us. Since 2006 he has an interdiction to speak with the media which was covering op the childporn case Zandvoort with her 90.000 victimes (children and even babies). Every time an article disappears, we publish it 30 times again because the nervousness of the authorities proves that the article is interesting.'

Jan Boeykens

President of the Morkhoven Group

For more information: http://droitfondamental.eu/ 

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