Belgian government is covering up childporn case


1) Theoretically: 'One of the most important criteria for making a government a democracy is the fact that all individuals (including the common person) have the right to defend themselves before their accusers'... 
2) In practice: We have no right of defense.

As action group, we were for years the victim of the mainstream media that tried to criminalize us.

One of our members has been imprisoned for 20 months.
During 10 years long, the media named him a "self-proclaimed child hunter ', a 'pedophile' and 'mentally ill'.
The Belgian government is still trying to close the childpornography case Zandvoort (The Netherlands).
Marcel Vervloesem who is seriously ill (cancer, heart disease, diabetics, kidney disease, more than 20 hospitalizations and surgical interventions), still has a interdiction to work with our organization around childporn or to speak with the press...

kaartvzw Werkgroep Morkhoven - Zandvoort childpornnetwork:

Dutroux case 
Zandvoort case 

Sign our Petition 'Free Marcel Vervloesem': http://www.causes.com/causes/438481/

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