Zandvoort case: Marcel Vervloesem has been released


Marcel_nieuwsblad_001.jpgBrussels, May 18, 2012
Dear friends,
Subject: Marcel has been released at last
On Wednesday, May 16, 2012, after five months in custody, Marcel has been released and was able to return home. They brought him back home in a small van.
As usual, the news was released by the news agency Belga (Belgian State) and has been copied without any comment by the newspapers under the title 'Marcel Vervloesem free under conditions'.
But these conditions are the same conditions that had been previously imposed on him, with one small difference: the police of the city of Turnhout  has to control from now on that he'll have no contact with our association or with the Flemish actor Jo Reymen, nor with the Foundation of princesses of Croÿ and Lancellotti.  
This is completely ridiculous. Why prevent him from having contact with his best friends and the association that he has founded ?
Marcel is also banned from having any contact with associations that fight child abuse, and he's not allowed to talk the press, nor to travel abroad. 
The decision to release Marcel came after a meeting of the court of Turnhout where Marcel's lawyer pleaded for half an hour and where Marcel, for the first time since his arrest, was allowed to talk himself.
The judges claimed they knew nothing of the judgment of the court for the Enforcement of Sentences of Antwerp in February, that had already declared Marcel innocent, on the grounds on the results of the the judicial inquiry.  These judges are the same judges who have been persecuting Marcel for 11 years for his work in the  Zandvoort case, a network of child abuse with almost 90.000 identified victims.
The Minister of Belgian Justice, Anne-Marie Turtelboom (Open VLD, the Flemish Liberals), was being kept informed for 5 months about Marcel's case and everything that happened in the prison of Turnhout where there are so many prisoners (210 instead of the 120 for which it has been built), that some inmates are forced to sleep on mattresses on the floor.
Her ministry has responded only once to our letters. This was after our complaint about the theft of our leaflets and material before the ministry of Justice where the minister has her office.
Turtelboom didn't respond to our complaint that the letters of Marcel (even those of his daughter and his granddaughter) were being withheld for several months while this was in violation of the basic law and the rights of prisoners. 
And as we know, the minister and her services even allowed that Marcel was locked-up with a mental patient in the same cell for a week, what was one of the reasons for Marcel's heart problems and infections for which he had to be urgently hospitalized in the emergency room of St. Elizabeth Hospital in Turnhout. 
There, for five days, Marcel was chained to his hospital bed. 
Marcel is a cancer patient, has a kidney and heart disease and is seriously diabetic.
This proves once again that Turtelboom doesn't have any respect for human rights and sees people who are being held in custody without any justified reason, as convicted criminals.
And then there was the whole story about the psychiatric report of V., the man who accused Marcel. 
The  judges of the Council Chamber of the court of Turnhout used this report as a pretext to keep Marcel for 5 months in prison. 
The purpose of this report was also to give V. the status of  'a credible victim', and to convict Marcel once again. 
Minister Turtelboom was being kept informed by us for months in this case, but she never replied.
The Minister who preaches an 'impartial judiciary', appointed the Turnhout prosecutor Jan Poels as her chief of staff ...
A few months ago, our association sent important documents of the Zandvoort file to Turtelboom. 
The content of these documents is directly related to the abuse and rape of children in the kindergartens in Amsterdam, for which Robert M., called the 'Monster of Riga', has been prosecuted, as if he was the only actor of these crimes.
But Turtelboom didn't respond to the demand of our association to send this information to her Dutch colleague.
A few days ago, I complained to the Federal Prosecutor in Brussels about the many irregularities in the prosecution of Marcel in Turnhout.
The federal prosecutor responded first with the brief statement, that there was 'no indication that the email had been really sent by me'.
Then I sent the Federal Prosecutor some more information about the falsification of the psychiatric report in which V. was portrayed as a "good boy" while the psychologist knew that V. has a criminal record in the Youth Court of Turnhout.
The federal prosecutor then told me that my letter had been forwarded to the Attorney General of Antwerp to whom he invited me to transfer all my further information in this case.
Jan Boeykens, president of the Morkhoven Group
PS. You can publish this letter where-ever you want.