Dutch authorities to investigate paedophile group Martijn

EdwinRotgans.jpgDutch authorities to investigate paedophile group Martijn
21 December 2010

The Dutch Public Prosecutors' Office has launched an investigation into the activities of a paedophile association named Martijn.

A spokesperson for the Prosecutors' Office, Ernst Pols, said the authorities want to gain full insight into the group and its members.

The Martijn association campaigns for the "acceptance of paedophilia and adult-child love relationships", and calls for the abolition of the age of sexual consent.

"We need to take action now," Mr Pols said. The association had become a focus of media attention to such an extent that a preliminary investigation was inevitable.

It is not clear how much time the Public Prosecutors' Office will need for its preliminary investigation, which could turn into a criminal one if the Office finds any evidence of criminal activities. The investigation was launched after members of the association expressed support for the suspects in the Amsterdam sex abuse scandal.

The Martijn association reportedly advertised on a website (boyhood-magazine.org) that was run by the chief suspects in the sex abuse scandal, Robert Mikelsons and his male spouse. The website, now closed, featured photos of children in sexual poses. It also included links to sites containing explicit child pornography.

Robert Mikelsons, originally from Latvia, is alleged to have sexually abused dozens of young children in his care at Amsterdam day care centres.

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