Dutroux case: Carine Russo leaves the Senate


Brussels, September 13th, 2009

Carine Russo, the mother of Melissa, one of the children murdered by Marc Dutroux, announced Friday in a letter to the Federation of Ecolo (Green party) that she leaves the Senate after two years.

According to the Belga news agency she referred in her letter to her health and the "difficulties she had to adapt to the political and parliamentary life".

In November 2008 Carine Russo said however that she "was disappointed in the functioning of the institutions and the parties".

The senatrice would "not bitter" and "her commitment and her sympathy for Ecolo reserve".  
Ecolo said in a formal way "to respect the choice of Carine Russo". "She really has done the maximum to fulfill its contract, but we understand that a engaged woman has difficulties to adapt to the political realities ", said the spokesman of the French speaking Greens.

Carine Russo stated in 2007 that she wanted to work for Ecolo especially on subjects like social justice and the environment.
"Ecolo has a slogan:" A greener earth for a fairer world ". "I want to turn around, because social justice is a priority for me. Ecology don't exist without a fair court, otherwise we get an ecology of two speeds ", said Russo.

Carine Russo won the Senate election in 2007 where she was on one of the last places, with 57,747 preference votes.  She became a co-opted senatrice.
During the Federation of September 25, Ecolo will decide who will be her successor.

The association 'Morkhoven Group' which has considerable experience with the subtle-messages via the Belga news agency, found out that Carine Russo's murdered daughter Melissa was born on September 11, 1986. That day coincides exactly with the day Carine Russo said that she wanted to leave the Senate.
It is clear that Carine Russo wanted to express on the first place her fidelity to her murdered daughter. It also proves that, despite her health is broken by the loss of Melissa and the attitude of the authorities, she still fight for justice in her case and was not giving up her hope for a fairer world.
On May 24, 2002, Gino and Carine Russo decided to withdraw of the Dutroux trial.
There was also much to do in their leaves, about the extensive report on the Dutroux affair in the magazine The Sprout.   The Sprout used some pictures of the murdered Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo.
Justice still claimed that the two victims of Dutroux, after more than 100 days, died of hunger and thirst. The pictures, however, showed conclusively that Julie and Melissa were beaten to death with excessive violence.
This proved that the Jury Members in the trial versus Dutroux, didn't know something about the autopsy reports which were relevant. Even worse, they had never seen the photos.
It is the least surprising that the Belgian press wasn't interested of the consequences of the horrific images.

Carine Russo was not the only parent of one of the victims of Dutroux who ventured into politics.
Paul Marchal, father of An Marchal who was murdered by Dutroux and his gang, created in 1998 the Party for New Politics of Belgium (PNPb).
Partly due to the extremely negative image of him in the media, the PNPb reached in the 1999 elections a paltry 0.3 percent. That same year, he said goodbye to politics.

In 2007 Tinny Mast, the mother of Kim and Ken, together with her husband Willy, were becoming independent candidates on the CAP-list (Committee for Alternative Politics).
Not believed and humiliated as "marginal" by courts and judicial police, Tinny  Mast was with the families Russo, Brichet, Marchal, Ben Aïssa, Lejeune... one of the figureheads of the White March of ten years ago. The biggest post-war march ever pulled in Brussels.
In her book "Always looking. My alphabet for Kim and Ken", Tinny called for a new solidarity.   With the words "For the life of those who will never be extinguished yet to give a meaning", she went with her book in the clinch with the rising intolerance in society and with the current political discourse in Belgium.
In the foreword of the book Carine Russo compared the struggle they lead to that of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina: "Mothers just like we were crazy of uncertainty and anger for their disappeared sons and daughters. But it is not their 'madness' that has greatly contributed to the collapse of the Argentine dictatorship? (...) "


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