Child pornography case Zandvoort: Belgian Minister of Justice

Marcel.dood.mail-4Man responsible for revelation of child pornography case Zandvoort will pass away soon

Marcel Vervloesem from the vzw Werkgroep Morkhoven who, through the negative advice from management of the prison in Brugge (request for vacation) where it was claimed that 'his daughter did not love him enough', was forced to stop his medical treatment 8 days ago (among which a new and urgent treatment for his heart), will probably pass away soon.

The Belgian government who has continued to deny the existence of a network of child pornography and who has never investigated the child pornography case Zandvoort, will be responsible for his death.

The Belgian minister of Justice, Stefaan De Clerck, who went and complained to the Dutch government about the overpopulation within the Belgian prisons and who is a supporter of a Belgian Guantanamo in Netherlands, since months does not wish to take into account the state of health of the activist who already had to be admitted to hospital 6 times in the last few months as well as has had 5 operations during this time.

The Minister who will be politically responsible for the death of Marcel Vervloesem and who is risking a court case, whishes to not take note of article 5 of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, which forbids a needless torturing and suffering of people.

The Minister promised over a month ago in a letter to the lawyer of Marcel Vervloesem, that he would order an investigation to be done by the Central Commission of Supervison within prisons (if such exists) into the inhuman detention circumstances of Marcel Vervloesem.

The Minister, as has happened in the past, fails to stick to his promises.
De Clerck also does not wish to organize an investigation into the by the High Court of Justice in writing recognized disappearance of the exempting pieces out of the court files of Marcel Vervloesem nor to the by the High Court of Justice recognized disappearance of 7 cd-roms with child pornography from the Courts in Turnhout and Antwerp.

It is clear that the minister of justice, who also always preaches for a ‘human justice’, has chosen to cover up these matters, including the child pornography case Zandvoort, and to sacrifice the life of Marcel Vervloesem.


Do not hesitate to send Marcel Vervloesem a postcard, as it will releif him to know that his life was not shortened in vain:
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