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Subject: Man who provided evidence of pedophiles'networks dying in Belgian jail [Incident:090521-000075]
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Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009, 5:53 PM

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Customer 21 05 2009 08:53 PM

Could you cover that story as it is so unjust that Mr Marcel Vervloesem provided large evidence of pedophiles network in Belgium and in Europe, as a consequence was victim of fabricated accusations and now dying in jail to silence him as high rank officials covered the horrors perpetrated by the pedophiles for a long time.
Please see www.droitfondamental.eu
also similar story with Patricia Poupard in Bordeaux, France : please see http://pedopitchoun2.blogspace.fr

thank you, Filip Marceron

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Do not hesitate to send Marcel Vervloesem a postcard, as it will releif him to know that his life was not shortened in vain:
Gevangenis (Prison) Brugge
Sectie 35 - K 62
t.a.v. Marcel Vervloesem
Legeweg 200
8200 Sint-Andries - Brugge (Belgium)

Werkgroep Morkhoven vzw-asbl
Faiderstraat 10
1060 Sint-Gillis (Belgium)
Tel: 0032 (0)2 537 49 97



- Werkgroep Morkhoven Skynet
- Droit Fondamental - (French, English, Italian)
- http://pedopitchoun2.blogspace.fr
- Zandvoort case
- Website - http://www.morkhoven.droitfondamental.eu/ (English, French, Italian, Dutch)

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