Pedocriminal networks: the infernal fight of Marcel Vervloesem (2)

soins_intensifs_002Brussels, March 9th, 2009

Chained at hospital St John of Bruges

Marcel Vervloesem is so weak that he cannot lift a glass of water; so weak that he had not realized having a foot ringed by a light shackle attached to a heavy chain, approximately 1.5 cm large.
He just had an open-heart operation to cauterize four wounds at his cardiac valves. He is under oxygen, soaked of fever. Spasms deface him, and slight coughing makes him suffocate ounce in a while. The hospital and him are victims of the war between the doctors who want to cure the prisoners and the Belgian ministry of justice who wants to repress the "dissidents".

The false Russian miscarriages of justice have a better press, perhaps due to the fact that the Strasbourg based European Court of the Human Rights grants it more importance. It has intervened three times in two years, of which last December, to ask for the release of Vasily Alexanian from his Russian jail, but did not yet find time to lean on Marcel Vervloesem's emergency procedure in nearly seven months.

The Belgian man has denounced the industry images of torture and pornography of children, implying a higher French magistrate. He was then condemned for rapes that medicine recognizes him unable to have carried out. The Russian man had denounced the theft of an oil company by a financial montage. He was then imprisoned for fraud and money laundering.

Marcel Vervloesem and Vasily Alexanian both were victims of the same parodies of justice, then imprisoned in spite of a health condition which did not allow them to survive the prison. They both have cancer. They both made hunger strikes and became temporarily blind. Moscow and Brussels declared identicaly, that the health conditions of their respective prisoner, "did not justify hospitalisation". They both where finally hospitalised in critical conditions, and chained to their hospital bed.

The press and the humanitarian organisations denounced the Soviet "repressive poutinian system", but not the Belgian one. They widely denounce the judicial drifts in the USSR, which cause to destroy those who hinder the enrichment of the least scrupulous people. The system is identical: the constitutional law is denied, to eliminate the bothers, by declaring them guilty of facts they reproach to the opposing party.

The Russians victims are called political prisoners in honour to the cold war, whereas Europeans ones are described as victims of "miscarriages of justice", if they reach Strasbourg.

The Belgian Senators answer that politics cannot do anything. Only a higher authority can help. Unfortunately, the judicial traffic-jam in Strasbourg causes an important delay as regards of the treatment of European affairs. Some of these dossiers were rejected, without even having been open, so that many victims think that the expense is useless.

Meanwhile, Vasily Alexanian would be a horrible character who stole the poor Russian people, according to the Soviet press, but an unfortunate political prisoner "tied like an animal", according to the international press. Marcel Vervloesem, who brought more than 100.000 photographs of pornography and torture of children to justice; is described as a "self-declared paedophile hunter" and "child abuser", by hiding his state of health and a judgment in absence of 37 parts of his judicial dossier. Only one of his six hospitalisations in emergency was relayed, adding "that his lawyer could not confirm he was in intensive care." Silence was kept over the shackles on the operating table. Silence will now remain on the chains.

In Russia at least, to believe Vasily Alexanian’s lawyer, the prison warders have the right to remove the chains of the hospitalized prisoners when they receive visits. This is not the case in Belgium, where only the prison warders can appear embarrassed by delirious conditions that the Ministry of Justice imposes to the prisoners.

The man responsible for the size of the chains used to tie the prisoners to hospital beds is Doctor Van Mol, chief consultant of all the Belgian prisons, under the direct authority of the Minister for Justice: Stefaan De Clerck. This is a very original way to start the electoral campaign for the next elections!


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Belgium is a center of child trafficking
Monday, 19 August 1996

'Nation's shock over chamber of horrors'

Belgium reacted with anger yesterday as details emerged of the death by starvation of two kidnapped eight-year-old girls and the ordeal of two others rescued from the country's House of Horrors.

"It is truly horrible ... unimaginable," one spectator told Belgian radio as police continued their excavations at two houses linked to Marc Dutroux, the electrician of Sars-la-Buissiere who will appear in court today.

The families of Laetitia Delheze and Sabine Dardenne, the two girls who were rescued from a concrete dungeon beneath Dutroux's terraced house on Thursday night, gave thanks for their escape. But those of the dead girls, Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, bitterly condemned the failure of the authorities to act on the case of the missing children sooner.

Dutroux had been convicted in 1989 of raping underage girls and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. But he was released after three years for good behaviour.

"Julie and Melissa are victims of organised paedophilia, sacrificed by the scepticism which has reigned in Belgium towards groups of evil-doers who are capable of kidnapping children ... and sexually abusing them," the families said through their lawyer, Victor Hissel.

"It was paedophilia which killed our daughters but, equally, it was the incredible generosity shown to paedophiles by those who are responsible for protecting our children."

Michel Bourlet, the prosecutor in the case, said Marc Dutroux claimed to have given money to associates to feed the girls during his detention in police custody on another matter.

Even up until the discovery of their remains on Saturday, hope had been held out for them. "We still had a spark of hope to find them alive," Anne Thily, the examining magistrate, said.

Finding the two girls' bodies brought to seven the number found dead in a string of mysterious disappearances dating back to 1989. Six other children were still missing after Laetitia Delheze, 14, and Sabine Dardenne, 12, were rescued from their four-metre by three-metre prison last week. Laetitia was kidnapped 10 days ago and Sabine had disappeared on 28 May.

While still nervous at admitting the possibility of a nationwide paedophile ring, Mr Bourlet said that police had now pooled the files on all 15 children. Dutroux had admitted further kidnappings.

Meanwhile, Laetitia and Sabine finally rejoined their families after medical examinations. Laetitia looked pale and drawn but greeted neighbours and the media from an open window, saying that she was fine. "I feel good and I can smile again," she said.

But her mother, Patricia, described her daughter's ordeal on Belgian television, saying that she had been tied by the neck and feet with chains and raped three times.

"They had to take a bath with that man and all that ... They raped her," she said. "The kidnappers mainly talked to Laetitia. Sabine, after two-and-a-half months, thought her parents were no longer looking for her. My daughter tried to cheer her up."

Police had searched the house on Tuesday when they arrested Dutroux but failed to discover the girls in the dungeon, which was sound-proofed.

Louise Jury

Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/nations-shock-over-chamber-of-horrors-1310431.html


Friday, 13 March, 1998

Lawyer for dead girls' parents in Belgian paedophilia case

The lawyer for the families of two of the girls found dead in the paedophile case involving convicted child rapist Marc Dutroux has resigned from the case, Belgian RTBF radio reported on Friday.

The lawyer, Victor Hissel, refused to explain his decision, saying he had taken it so as "not to make the situation worse.

His clients, the parents of Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo took the news badly and said he had been the victim of pressure and intimidation.

The father of Julie Lejeune said on the radio: "Maitre Hissel has been the object of varied pressures and acts of intimidation, and now, well, he has been reduced to silence, he can no longer defend Julie and Melissa.". Carine Russo, Melissa's mother, said, also in broadcast remarks: "I don't know if this will jeopardize the prosecution of the case, it is not the lawyers who carry out the investigations, but it has in effect endangered our little girls'defence, that's for sure, because as far as I - as far as the four of us are concerned, Victor Hissel is irreplaceable."
The radio quoted "certain voices" at the Liege courts of justice of speaking of "a publicity coup" and said they were "wagering that Victor Hissel will resume his brief in a week's time".

It also said Hissel's resignation "must have brought comfort to another lawyer, Michel Graindorge, who propounds the thesis that anyone challenging the Belgian establishment will meet with strong resistance."

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/monitoring/65439.stm


July 1998

In July 1998, a vigilante anti-pedophile group (Werkgroep Morkhoven) exposed an international child pornography ring. The ring was found to be operating in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Israel and Russia. Around 9,000 images were found in the Zandvoort apartment of a formerly convicted pedophile, Gerrie Ulrich, who was murdered in Italy, possibly by his business partner and partner in the child pornography ring. The cruelty to the children in the pornography stunned many officials familiar with the sexual exploitation of children. Some of the pornography was made with babies that appeared to be no more than 12 to 15 months old. A child psychiatrist said that the children must have been sedated because they showed no reaction to the torture to which they were subjected. One film, titled "Oh Daddy," shows balding middle-aged men raping 5 and 8-year old girls. One girl appeared so lifeless she may have been dead. (AFP, 16 July 1998)

Link: http://www.paralumun.com/issuesnetherland.htm


20 November, 2007

The prosecution against Marcel Vervloesem aim at making believe that he has taken the Zandvoort file for his pleasure. The dossier is allied to "Operation Koala", the biggest anti-paedophile police operation of all times, with the seizure 2 million pictures of child pornography, according to Italy. It would be a "burst air bubble", according to Belgium, which requests to condemn Marcel Vervloesem for an act of good citizenship, for which the King of Belgium has congratulated him ten years ago. The Belgian authorities could thus destroy the evidence concerning the authors of crime on 90.081 children victims, according to Interpol, on the basis of the law limiting the conservation of personal data to the duration of the investigation.

Link: http://www.droitfondamental.eu/07-Zandvoort-a-la-cour-d-appel-d-Anvers-GB.html

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