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Dear Sir

In 1998, activist Marcel Vervloesem has been able to come into possession of 21 cd-roms with 100.000 photos and video's which show kids being abused and tortured by adults. The children (and babies) were identified by a several police investigations and others just for a small part and then the dossier has been closed. Too old? Why? I think such a dossier must stay open.
Marcel Vervloesem has been working on the Madeira-case and many other cases and resolved a several questions of vanished children.

Powerfull people who probably had something to hide about their position in the Pornopedo Criminal International Network, changed the situation upside-down, organising accuses to Marcel Vervloesem, proved afterwards to be false. Pieces of evidence that vanished.

Seven cd-rom's are 'vanished' probably under the eye of the, now ex-Procurator General Christine Dekkers, considered in Belgium, as the most powerfull woman of that moment.
Also other contents has been stolen from Marcel's dossier; the part of it that proved his innocence.
Marcel who is very ill since years (diabethes, serious hart problems needing two operations, cancer, kidney-complaint) is in the prison in Brugge now, after suffering esistential risks in the prison of Turnhout because of the non-treatment of his total illness and the cured isolation from the outer world.

Of course his hungerstrikes hasn't been a good idea being too riskful in his bad conditions, but Marcel Vervloesem has been dictated by the conscience and impotence of not being heard, or better, ignored systematicly by Belgium's Justice, Politicians and by all the other States around Belgium, which do have the same problems with the Pedoporno Network.
He didn't expect though he shouldn't be helped medically when he decided to stop striking.
He went into coma indeed. In a few days he has been put into a isolation-cel again, with a plastic bucket in stead of a toilet without fresh air but with an airconditioning that made it impossible to him to sleep at night by the noise it made.
He has been completely spoiled in front of a videocamera who showed his nude immage to whoever passed by. He has been put into a small room without light for some hours, with another man, completely spoiled and this short before being transported in emergency to the hospital, finally, where he stayed for six hours in intensive care near death, not because of an hungerstrike though.
Visits were sometimes limited without reason. Well there is a long list to write down.

In Brugge there are new problems. His rights as prisoner and human being are very few again.
The Rights of the prisoner written in the Law of Borginon in 2004 are not practised. Not even the laws of the prison itself are. There is even no controle from the authorities onto it.
As punishment for the fact that he didn't admit the false accusations, the Director Els De Loof of the prison of Brugge (possibly supported by Jo Vandeurzen, Minister of Justice of Belgium), didn't allow him to have the same rights of any other prisoner and human being in our 'civilised' Europe. The fixed appointment he was given to assist to the baptism of his grandchild was cancelled for example.
He is at his end of physical and emotional state. After almost two months of legs full of water, during the controles in hospital of his heart for the two operations he's waiting for, by coincidence medicins found the reason: blocked kidney. The refuse from the director of the Prison Turnhout to let him pass a serious medical controle, let him suffer for months. Also the insuline dose has been wrong (when given) for months. The level of his diabethes sprang very riskfuly up and down. Only now that's going better. For two weeks he will be going all days to the hospital for dyalisis.

I ask you to consider and to intervene into this unacceptable situation, to consider Marcel Vervloesem curing the restitution of his rights, of which too many are violated, just as is happening to so many other people in the belgian prisons.
If ex-police inspector Debie who got four years of prison, as Marcel did, is at home waiting for an electronic ankle band after only one day in prison, also to Marcel Vervloesem should be given this right, the more considering his physical condition.

I would be very interested in your opinion about this delicate question,

I thank you very much for your attention,

Claudia Carolina Vink

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