Zandvoort Network: activist Marcel Vervloesem - request for euthanasia

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Subject: Zandvoort Network: activist Marcel Vervloesem - request for euthanasia
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Marcel Vervloesem: euthanasia at the medico-legal extermination block


Monday, a doctor of hospital St Erasmus, designated by the state toconsider the request for euthanasia, recommended Marcel Vervloesem tostop his drugs while continuing to eat normally: "It will only taketen days and you will have your euthanasia", he told him.

This request for euthanasia in prison is not, according to me, hiswill, but the consequence of a mental conditioning made of harassment,said Dr Gagliardi.

Tuesday, the day before a vital open heart operation an arbitrarysanction decided him to begin the recommended euthanasia on the spot.He is accused of causing too much sensation in the media, in this casein Italy, as the question is censured in Belgium. He would rather diethan to be used as hostage to cover-up the crimes he exposed, on the90.000 children victim of the Zandvoort network.

It is not a prison, but a concentration camp, said Marcel Vervloesem.I do not exist here. The law does not exist. My medical file does notexist. My heart and my blood were ruined by lack of the treatmentprescribed by doctors. I will not, in any way, be able to survive morethan two months in these conditions.

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